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Related post: Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2010 03:19:49 -0400 From: Reece Jones Subject: Reece in Pieces I don't normally do this sort of thing....ever. I like to preteen rape brutality write but I never really found anything I wanted to write about. They say the best authors write from litle preteen nudes their own experiences and when I found out about this site I had to write my story. It may not seem that intensely hot as all those other stories seeing as nothing ever happened. But it certainly was hot to me...but I'm getting way ahead of myself. My name is Reece and I have dark brown sweet preteens xxx hair with natural blonde highlights. My hair is what separates me from the rest. If I was bald I would look beyond unattractive. My eyes are a light brown and I'm not buff but slim. If I actually went to the gym then I'd most likely have a six pack in a couple weeks but I'm pretty lazy. I'm not hot...but cute. It's one of the weirdest compliments I get. I female preteen model just want someone to say preteen bitch pics wow you're sexy. Is that really preteen thumbs bbs a hard thing to say to someone?? Anyways I just turned 18 a couple days ago. But this story takes place when I was 17 years old. It's about me and my older brother, Jeremy who was 22 at the time and about something that may have happened between me and my pedophile forum preteen dad. Also before I start I would like to apologize for my vocabulary for not being as vast as it could be. So I apologize in modeles preteen advance and I hope you guys enjoy. And my grammar sucks too. nn bbs preteen :P (emoticons ftw...) It started when I went to visit brizilan preteen pic my brother Jeremy at his University. We had planned a weekend where I would fly up from our hometown to visit him and stay with him in his dorm room. I was all excited because I hadn't seen my big brother in over a year. We were inseparable back home; we would always talk about our day every night when I was younger. We shared a bed room together so we would wait until our parents went to bed and he'd tell me all about high school and all the girls he got. I really idolize my brother he was the nicest guy on the planet and the girl that ends up with him preteen boy board is a lucky lady. My brother is about 6'0 to my 5'9. He has sandy blonde crazy preteens hair and has a swimmer's body. He actually is a swimmer but I'll talk more about that later on. He has hair on his chest preteen models link but the hair is so blonde preteen model blog that you wouldn't notice it unless you look closely...or feel his chest. He has deep blue eyes that I sometimes find myself staring at because they're some of the prettiest eyes I've ever seen. He truly is a hunk. When I arrived at the airport I was greeted by my brother waiting for me at the gate with open arms and a huge grin. His grin always made me blush because it was always so...well...happy. "I missed you bud," Jeremy said to me as he hugged me close. "I missed you too bro," I said trying not to let him see how red my face was. Jeremy and I left the airport in his blue prius that our dad gave him when he left home for university. I still wonder if my dad is going to give me anything for when I leave for university next year. I doubt it will be anything as cool as a prius...( By the way I hated preteen loolita gallery that car. It just...sucks) I figured my dad bought it for him as a bit of a practical joke, my brother was into sports cars but instead he was stuck with a prius. It was my dad's kind of messed up fatherly joke but hey at least he has a car. Eventually we arrived at Jeremy's preteen little schoolgirls residence where I was to stay in his room for the weekend and then fly back home on Sunday night. It was already around 12 on Friday night and we were both pretty exhausted. Jeremy's room, like most nonnude preteen bath dorm rooms, was small. There was only nn preteen gallary one double bed in the room and a desk with his laptop on it. He had a couple posters of some bands I had never heard of and a picture of some chick naked with a guitar covering free preteens pussy her preteen model pussy. I felt cool staying in his room like we were kids again. Only this time, there were no parents to supervise us. "So squirt unfortunately I only have the one bed so we're going to be bunking together over the next couple of days. That cool?" he asked me, gesturing to the bed over his shoulder. "Uhh sure," I said trying my best not to sound like a total dork. "I didn't bring sweats or anything is it cool if I just sleep in my boxers?" "Yeah preteen small butt man it's cool," he said giving me another of his trade mark grins. "I was going to sleep in mine anyways. It gets incredibly hot in here sometimes. The air conditioner broke about a month ago and they still haven't done anything to fix that. I guess that's res for you though." "I guess so...," I yawned, exhausted from my flight in. My brother took this as sign that we should go to bed now and get some rest for the morning. "Alright let's go to bed now, I have to get up early tomorrow anyways," he said beginning to undress himself. "I've got a swim practice tomorrow morning so I might be gone by the time you wake up. I'll be there all afternoon if you want to come and swing by to watch if you'd like." "Sure!" I said VERY enthusiastically. I hadn't seen my brother swim since he left for school. Just looking around his room you could see all the medals he'd won. Sorry, like I said I idolize my brother. Anyways, by this point he was already in his skull boxer briefs whereas I was in a black wife beater and euro style striped boxers which I didn't think that my brother would see me in. "Alright kid let's get some sleep," he said smacking me in the bum and ruffling up my hair, "Nice tush." I was blushing so nude preteens jpgs noticeably that Jeremy had to laugh at my face. "Shut up you loser," I said to him as I climbed underneath the covers, half fuming half blushing. He got in on the other side and soon we were sandwiched together in the small bed. He threw his strong porno preteens video arms around me and I put my arm around his waist and put my head on his chest, feeling his chest hair on my cheek. Our fronts touching but our packages were safe enough away from each other's so that they didn't bump. "I miss you a lot Reece," he said to me as he kissed the top of my head. That was the last thing we said to each other before we drifted off to sleep. The morning came and just like Jeremy had said, he was gone. On his desk was a sticky note preteens pthc bbs saying to meet him at the campus gym. Now I have to be honest I had to get a map to actually find the damn place. I also may have had to stop and ask for directions...three times. But finally I got to the pool, and there was my brother giving it his all doing laps. I found a place on the bleachers and watched as he gracefully swam in the teal coloured pool. (I use Canadian spelling because I'm Canadian if you were wondering or hadn't figured that out.) Eventually my brother caught sight of me and waved me down to the pool. "Hey! How long have you been up there watching porn preteen porn me?" he asked with his trademark grin. You're just reading this story and I bet you're sick of it. "I just got here," I lied for some reason. I had been there for about a half hour but I didn't want him knowing preteen candid video that. "Well I'm almost done practice but I still want to swim for a bit. Want to come for a swim with me?" I was excited that my brother had asked me to train with him but photographie preteen I hadn't packed a swimsuit. I didn't think I'd be spending my day with my brother in the pool. "I don't have a swimsuit," I told him, trying to hide my sigh. "I figured as much so I brought an extra one of my suits for you. It's in locker number 452, here's the key," he said taking off the key from his wrist and throwing at me. I reluctantly caught it and headed off to the change room. The change room itself was pretty barren. Not many guys in there at all especially where Jeremy's locker was. I took out the key from my pocket and opened the locker door. Inside the locker I found a plain white towel and a blue Speedo. I was shocked; I had figured he'd bring me a pair of board shorts or something. Looking around I quickly made up my mind and stripped buck naked. My dick isn't the biggest it's about 5 inches soft and about 7 hard but my balls are huge. Not like tennis ball huge but big enough. As I put on the Speedo I noticed that my package was firmly displayed in the suit. My bubble butt looked firm and almost 15yo fresh preteens tasty in it. The suit seemed like it was a size too small but I wasn't about to complain. I finally plucked up all my courage and headed out to the swimming pool. My brother was standing outside the locker room in some kind of Speedo short hybrid type of bathing suit. "Haha hey sexy," he teased me as I tried to cover myself up with the towel. "Shut up! I feel like I'm on display here." My face slowly beginning to turn red...again. (I blush way too much if you haven't noticed.) "There's no one here, don't be such a baby," I looked around and he was right there were 0 people in the pool. So I did the only thing elite content preteen I felt was appropriate at the time. I jumped into the pool doing a cannon ball getting my brother completely soaked. "Oh it's on," Jeremy chuckled as he dived into the water gracefully. We horsed around for what felt like hours. We raced each other across the pool, he always won of course and we dunked each other under the water seeing how long we could stay under for. Eventually though Jeremy got a hold of my Speedo and yanked it down. I let out a small yelp in surprise. "Haha got your suit bro," he teased me waving my bathing suit in the air. I was so embarrassed my brother was there holding my bathing suit while I tried to simultaneously stay afloat and cover my now hardening dick. "Give it back Jeremy!" I said clearly not in the mood for this game. "Whatcha gonna do about it?" he said taunting me. I was too humiliated to do anything at that point. hq preteen nonude I climbed out of the pool as fast as I could grabbing my towel and wrapping it around my waist. I then ran to the locker room to change back into my clothes. I heard Jeremy calling for me but I was too quick for him and snuck out before he got to the locker. As I was sitting on Jeremy's bed I wondered why he'd even grab my suit. I mean sure we're brothers but we aren't five years old. You grow out of that kind of thing...right? Soon I heard the lock turn and my brother came in. He had an apologetic look on his face which told me he felt bad. "I'm sorry," he apologized, "I shouldn't have done that." "It's cool," I said trying to get past the awkward situation, "I'm just really tired, I think I'm going to take a nap." "Okay," he said looking a bit relieved, "Do you mind if I join you?" "It's your bed preteen age models after all," I teased him. He laughed a little and we both stripped. This time though I noticed that Jeremy was wearing the Speedo I had worn earlier. I looked at him and he grinned. "What can I say," he said blushing, "you made it look so good I had to wear it." I rolled my eyes at him and we both climbed into bed. This time Jeremy came around from behind me pulling me close into him so that his body enveloped mine. His crotch nestled into my backside which made me feel silly. Slowly I found myself drifting off to sleep with my brothers lips pressed against my neck ever so lightly. I awoke to a sound coming from next to me. As I looked over I saw my brother was beating off. I had never seen Jeremy's dick hard sexy preteen directory before. His balls weren't as big as mine but his dick sure had me beat. preteen nonnude petite He was pumping 8 inches of meat taboo preteen stories with his eyes shut. He was breathing heavily, moaning ever so slightly. His left hand was tweaking his nipple and his hips began to buck. I didn't know what came over me but I grabbed his nude preteen lists dick and started pumping it. He looked up at me surprised but was too far gone by that point to stop me. He was moaning saying, "Oh fuck Reece." Soon streams of cum shot out of his preteen mons pubis cock and onto his chest and a bit of it landed on my cheek. When he had finished cumming he took his finger and speared up the jizz on my face. He took his finger and licked it clean. super preteen modle My dick began to get hard at the sight. He looked like he was about to say something to me but I pressed a finger to his lips and I planted a light kiss on his lips. No tongue, no fierce heavy petting, just a simple light kiss on the lips. I kicked off my young underage preteens boxers and Jeremy followed suit removing his... well...suit. With that I turned on my side once more and we both went back to sleep and stayed that way, with Jeremy's arms wrapped around me, his now deflating semi hard cock pressed against my ass. "I love you Reece," he whispered softly to me. nudist preteens photo And that was how my second preteen nudity videos night with my brother ended. We didn't talk about what happened last night the next morning. But you could boys preteen puberty tell something had changed. We had underaged preteenmodels no urge to get out of bed. We just lay there naked, talking about our lives like we used to do. He top kds preteen told me about his new girlfriend Angela though he said that it probably wasn't going to work out. He told me that she was just a hot piece preteen illegal video of pussy because she was as dumb as a brick. I would twirl his chest hair in between my fingers which he preteen panties pics told me he liked. Though teens preteens pics he didn't have to tell me his cock certainly showed kids pussy preteen that he liked it. After awhile he sat up and said: "I can't believe you have to go preteen tit models home tonight," he said with sad puppy dog eyes, making his big blue eyes even bigger. I wanted to understand what was going on...what had we become...were we any different than before? My head was spinning and I wanted answers. But unfortunately for me I didn't have enough time. But Jeremy didn't seem to need answers he seemed to just enjoy the two of us being naked and brothers...with benefits. "I'm really horny bro," he whispered in my ear nibbling on it making me let out a small gasp. I slowly began to get hard as he began to hump my bubble butt. His stiff rod began to pump up and down my crack. preteen archive pic I began to jerk my cock as he humped my ass with more need and urgency. He shooed away my preteen erotic video hand and replaced it with his own making me feel bbs elwebbs preteen like I was in pre teen blogs heaven. uk model preteen Eventually he let out a loud cry as he blew his load on small preteen pedo my back and ass. A few seconds later I turned around to spray my load all over our fronts. We topless preteen looked at each other and preteen little panther smiled. But for some reason I felt wrong. This was my brother I was doing these things with. I felt ashamed of myself and that I had to stop this. We cleaned ourselves off with the sheets (Jeremy said that they needed to be cleaned anyways) put on clothes pre teenie pussy and headed to the airport. As I stuffed myself inside preteen model oops his prius Jeremy looked at me and said: "You know I love you right?" he said with a worried expression, "Can what happened this weekend stay between just us bros?" "Yeah yeah whatever," I sex preteen girl said trying to play it cool. After driving in the car for half an hour without saying anything, we finally arrived at the airport. I was about to get out of the car when preteen queen model something caught hold of my wrist. As I turned around to see what it was I felt Jeremy's lips on mine as we kissed in the front seat of the car. I didn't stop him, but I felt that I should've. These preteen binaries bbs feelings I feel just felt so wrong but somehow he's the only one who makes me feel that way. "I have to go," I said seriously to him. His face looked sad but I knew I had to try and resist those big blue eyes. With that I turned my back on Jeremy and headed for home leaving whatever puffy preteens happened between us behind me. I still don't even know what happened nor do I know how I feel about him. Now most authors at this point would release a second part so that they could have more followers nonnude japanese preteens and stuff but I really just want advice. So I'm going to keep writing about what happened when I got preteen imgboard bbs home because even more shit hit the fan. This part of the story is about what happened between me and my dad so if this material offends you then don't read the following. As I arrived back home my mom picked me up from the airport. She asked me how the trip went but I couldn't tell her pre teen panpiesnet how I was feeling. I quickly made up some lame excuse about having bad food on the plane ride back and that I just wanted to sleep on the way back home. "Well see that might be a bit of a problem," she said with a furrowed expression. "What do you mean?" I asked raising an eyebrow. "Well you see your father may have accidentally flooded the preteen pussy creampie house." She said with a grin. You preteen pics torrent could tell that behind her grin was a furious woman. I didn't get the specifics but apparently dad had been trying to fix the upstairs bathroom sink and only made toys for preteens it worse. My dad is too stubborn to call a handy man even if he knows he can't fix something himself. My room which was adjacent to the bathroom had completely flooded and so she told me that I'd have to sleep on the bed leotard preteen nonude in the basement. When we arrived home I was greeted by a huge bear hug from my dad. My dad's name is Colin and he's 45 years old but he looks like he's about 32. My dad is where my brother gets his good looks from. My dad like Jeremy also has sandy blonde hair and blue eyes but he's a lot more muscular then my brother. My dad's arms are huge and as he hugged me I could feel them crushing my sides. "Hey my peanut butter cup how was the trip?" my dad asked ruffling my hair beaming a grand smile. "See this is why I hate my porn asian preteen name," I said preteen dancer models with a groan. "Well kid you're stuck with it," he chuckled. I guess my dad caught my mom's look because all colour drained from his face for a moment. He quickly regained composure and excused himself to the kitchen. I felt sorry for my daddy; he was certainly in for an earful. I quietly maneuvered my way to the den to play some halo so that I could stay preteen nude modies out of my mom's war path. After a while of playing against some noob 15 year old in Ohio, my dad came in and told me that he preteen latina nudist was going to go out for some drinks with his buddies. "I'll only be out for an hour or so," he told me, "I expect you to be in bed by the time you get home though. I'll be sleeping on the couch tonight so don't be scared if shota tgp preteen you hear sexy preteen angel any noises upstairs." "Kay dad I was feeling tired anyways," young preteens russians I told him trying to act nonchalantly. "Alright I'll see you in the morning." I left my dad to go upstairs to brush my teeth when I heard my mom snoring soundly from the comforts of her room. family preteen nudism It was only ten o'clock but she was passed out for the night. No wonder my dad had only waited until now to head out. If mom knew he was going out to the pub she would've flipped. I took a quick shower to clean myself up a bit before bed. I headed to my room to snag a pair of briefs from my drawer. Was the floor ever soaking, I felt as if my floor had preteens skinny preteen hard vids been replaced with a slip and slide. I walked down to the small bed in the basement and quickly found myself drifting to sleep. I began dreaming of my brother and I back in his bed. I remembered how he preteen ginastica would littles preteens models whisper my name and nibble on my ear. I also dreamed of that kiss, the kiss that haunted photos preteen nudes me yet excited me every second of my life. I don't know how my parents would react if I told them what happened between me and Jeremy. I's probably end preteen prostitution nude up on the streets so fast I wouldn't even have enough time to pack. I found myself being awoken from my dream as I heard loud rumblings from upstairs. I turned and looked at my clock to see that it was 2:00 a.m. Wow dad sure must have fun with his buddies tonight. He's usually only stays out for a couple of hours but I guess seeing as how mad mom was at him he didn't exactly feel that safe at home. I heard a loud flop sound followed the sounds of our upstairs couch springs. I tried my best to ignore them as I tried to fall back asleep. After about 15 pedo preteen gay minutes I heard my dad get up and start walking around again. I saw my dad stumbling his way down the stairs, holding on to the railing for dear life. He wasn't wearing anything but a pair of grey briefs. I hadn't seen my dad dressed like that for a model angels preteen few years and I had forgotten what a strong chest he had. He also had a lot more chest hair then Jeremy, he had a blonde carpet on his chest. And his abs were so preteen swimwear models hot, I kicked myself silently for being too lazy to go to the gym with him. "Hey, you awake champ?" he slurred. "Yeah dad, I'm up," I yawned at him trying to make him a little guilty for waking me up. "Umm the couch is really uncomfortable...," he began. "Get in," I sighed. I felt like the roles here were completely reversed. Isn't the kid supposed to be the one complaining to their parents that they can't sleep? preteen pussy exposed My dad gave me a drunken smile and jumped pre teen porno onto the bed making me fly off the bed. I rolled my eyes at him and he preteen russian pedo just laughed. Clearly someone had a little too much to drink. He pulled the covers over us and snuggled sexy preteens pic up to me. "Night Reece," he said into my shoulder as I felt him drifting off to sleep. "Night Daddy," I photo nude preteen whispered back to him and closed my eyes. After about 15 minutes I was about to fall asleep when suddenly I felt my dad shove his brief clad package into nymphets preteen underage my rear. I tried to ignore and go back to sleep but I felt his hands caressing my pecks and he began to tweak my nipples. Oh god my dad was having a sex dream and he was acting it out on me. Hopefully he'll stop soon I thought to myself. No luck, I felt his hand slowly lowering to where my briefs covered my crotch. I felt his hand slide into the waist band as he began to play with my pubes. My dad all the while was grinding his now hard fat package into my butt. I figured my dad has done so much for nudist preteens groups me that I'd just let him do this quickly and I'd just go to sleep afterwards. "Reece," I heard him breathe out a sigh in preteen illegal sister his sleep. Wait! Was preteen slumberparty pics my dad having a sex dream about me? Or was he awake right now fully aware of what he was doing. His hand stopped playing with my pubes and it slipped even lower grabbing on to my semi-hard cock. He began to pump it as his humping got progressively harder. I couldn't handle it I had to leave. I quickly jumped out of the bed and ran to the couch. My brother was one thing but my father as well? I felt sick to my stomach. I pulled a blanket over my body and finally got some sleep. The next morning my dad asked why I had moved to the couch and I just preteen pantyhosed photos told him that his snoring kept me underage preteen hardcore up. He laughed heartily at that, I guess he really didn't have any recollection of the night. After that things seemed to go back to normal. Eventually I was able to sleep in my room and life went back to the way it was. Which brings me to now; I haven't spoken to my brother since that...incident in his dorm room. And preteen girls nn I can't look at my father anymore without getting a massive boner. I feel wrong but after reading some of these preteen rompl models stories I feel like I could do something about it but I'm too scared about what might happen between us if I act on my feelings. So if preteen pics samples any of you have been in similar situations or have similar experiences can you help me out?Email me at : thepiecesofreecegmail.com because I would love to hear feedback. Thanks a bunch and I'm hoping to hear from you.
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